portrait of Stephen Zerne: by Scott Simontacchi
Headshot of Stephen Zerne  
by: Scott Simontacchi  

Welcome to ArtNerd. Together with my partner Megan Kelley (at StudiOmnivorous), we are the solution for all your visual design, graphic, and web development needs.

I am a freelance graphic designer and artist. I've always been fascinated by new design challenges, solving problems, and making sure the end result perfectly fits your needs and expectations. Art and design are my passions, and I hold myself to equally high standards on both the technical and the creative sides.

Design / Print / Branding / Web strategies

I have plenty of experience taking the lead on projects as well as working with existing designs and design teams, and enjoy doing both. I place a high emphasis on fitting my design strategies into any budget. Knowing the right solution for you is about knowing and understanding your goals and strategies. I have found the best way to do this is simple- through always listening closely to what your needs and limitations are. More than logic, or problem solving, I enjoy this so much because I truly care about every project, and the relationships they create.

Illustration / Story Boarding / Fine Art

Art is a personal pleasure but one that is always worth sharing. I have been described as versatile and eclectic, as well as thriving in a collaborative work environment. Please feel free to email me about any requests, commissions, or collaborative ideas. Being open to the many possibilities that come from collaboration and innovation helps me to do more than just explore what has been or to re-articulate the past, it allows me to redefine the present and create the future.

Coming Soon to ArtNerd

For those returning to artnerd.com, you know that a new look has been coming. This visual change is just the start of several updates, including all those clients (like The Produce Place) and partners I’m so proud of but haven’t put on the portfolio page yet.

Thanks for stopping by!